Lean Six Sigma Certifications – Galileo Business Consulting, LLC can train your team utilizing our comprehensive curriculum that combines the Lean Six Sigma approach to process improvement. View our products to learn about our Lean Six Sigma curriculum that is also available.

The integration of technology has enhanced business performance in ways we never dreamed possible. At Galileo Group LLC, our goal is to incorporate technology in a way that will help reduce costs while simultaneously increasing productivity.

Streamlining a business’s operations is one of the most important tasks when implementing a strategy to increase productivity while decreasing expense. By applying Operations management, we will design, and control the process of production and redesign business operations in the production of goods or services.

Utilizing business process design methods, Galileo Business Consulting, LLC can help transform your business by reducing cycle times, errors, rework, and costs. Most importantly, business process design can open opportunities for growth and superior financial results.

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